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Estevam Romera was born in 1978 in Piracicaba, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

He got a degree in graphic design in 2001, but found his passion in photography by the age of 20 and since then he managed to work with both of his passions side by side: music and images.

Romera worked with lengendary metal band Sepultura for more than 20 years documenting the band's life on the road since 1997. The very same road that brought him the chance to cross paths with many other bands he ended up working with, such as Metallica, Faith no More, Neurosis, Down, Thirty Seconds to Mars, to name a few.

By 2010 he found a new love for moving pictures and translating his aesthetics from photography to video was a natural next step.

As a videomaker Estevam worked with the most diverse clients. From corporate to restaurants and bands, which in 2019 inspired the launch of his most recent business: FotoFotoFoto, a photo and video production company.

Below you will find samples of his most recent work.

Contact info:

Instagram: @eromera
WhatsApp: +55 11 976 706 655





Series of 30+ videos for Sepultura’s social networks.
Videos were made in the morning upon arrival (Welcome videos) on each city and
a second video posted right after the show (Thank you videos).