Estevam Romera founded Family Mob Studio in 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil. Built entirely from scratch, Family Mob quickly attracted attention in the São Paulo music scene for its innovation in terms of hospitality and was immediately regarded as a venue that favored the creative process. 

Family Mob has hosted record writing sessions and rehearsals for artists such as Skrillex, Coldplay, Mercyful Fate, Death and virtually all major Brazilian rock bands.

With the experience gained while managing the studio, Estevam was now more than capable to offer valuable advice to musicians in the scene and creating a YouTube channel to speak to viewers (who were quite in need of content such as the one he was going to produce) was a natural next step.

The goal of the channel, started in 2018, is to share musicians' and bands' experiences, but mostly, it is about showing what goes on behind the scenes. From the venues and logistics to recording processes, internal band dynamics and how to prepare for a show. 

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Family Mob Studio (São Paulo, Brazil)


Selected Videos

Sepultura’s Tour Bus in Europe

Published: 2018
Filmed & edited by Estevam Romera, August 2018

On tour with Brazilian punk legends Ratos de Porão

Published: 2017
Filmed & edited by Estevam Romera, May 2014

Getting ready for a recording session

Published: 2019
Filmed & edited by Estevam Romera